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Supernatural AU (Pt1); Series; in which Sam rescues an unruly and hyperactive australian shepherd dog who makes a new friend when she slips the lead one day. Unfortunately for her, Gabriel, the man with bottomless treat pockets, just so happens to be a professional dog trainer and nationally ranked Obedience champion. Sam, however, couldn’t be happier when Gabriel decides to give Sam his number - even if it’s just to work out a schedule for their upcoming training sessions.

rsj and dogs…………. perfect 👌


RED HOTproject by Thomas Knights

"Show the world how f*ing awesome you are! Long live the unique and different, viva la gingers!" ~ Jake Hold


I really love this blog. I’m a ginger and I get a lot of crap about it from people at school. Even though, in their minds, they are making harmless fun of me, it still hurts sometimes. But this blog reminds me that red heads are just as beautiful as everyone else. Thanks mister-gingervitis

♥ Exactly! Ginger Pride! If this blog helps people realize the awesome of red, it’s accomplishing something :). Red hair is as beautiful as other hair colors.

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